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Yao Sheng Yi Bian from Creative Leadership headed to Wa Yao community for social service and won a Bronze Award and a Humanistic Care Award for rural competition

Yao Sheng Yi Bian team set up by students from Creative Leadership Center of Asia University headed to Yunlin county Wa Yao community for social service. Besides holding activities for the community, taking care of the elders, the team also condense the community successfully.. The team participate in the Rual Up competition which held by Soil & Water Conservation Bureau. Tthe team won the bronze award and the human care awardBesiedes that Chih En Liu from the department of audiology and speech language pathology and Shou Che Chen from department of healthcare administration won the individual award.

The team also participate in the competition which held by Sinyi Realty Inc and won a prize. Meanwhile, the team also join the 2018 Rural Good competition, the black garlic brand they designed was selected as the 2018 rural good property special agricultural product.

Yao Shen Yi Bian team is consists of 9 members from the Creative Leadership Center of Asia University, including Chih En Liu and Chu Wen Huang from department of audiology and speech language pathology, Yi Hua Lin and Ya Zhu You from department of psychology, Ruo Yu Chiang from department of product design, Shou Che Chen from department of healthcare administration, Yan Yu Ji from department of food nutrition and health biotechnology, Ya Ting Zhang from department of information communication and a foreign student Karamo Bah from Gambia from department of bioinformatics and medical engineering. The team stay in Wa Yao community for two months this summer, the team reach the goal of taking care of the elders through setting up a canteen to attract the elders to walk out and do some health promotion activities.

However, at first the idea of setting up a canteen didn’t win the locals’ support, even the venues needed for the canteen could not be borrowed. Students from Asia University used the public announcing system in the village, go for door-to-door visits, peeled off the peanuts with the elders and do exercise with the elders in the morning to do propaganda. Spent nearly a month to pursuade the community to accept the plan and successfully find the venue to hold the canteen.

Jun Wei Lin, the director of the Creative Leadership Center said that it was not easy for the center to participate in the rural competition for the first time to get a Bronze Award and a Humanistic Care Award. Especially the students in the team are from different departments, they team up in a short time to discuss and execution. In the end the team won the judges affirmative and performed well.

Yi Hua Lin who is the co-leader of the team said that, it’s a common phenomenon in a rural village that most of the young people go out of work and cause to a high proportion of the elderly population in the community and this phenomenon also happened on Wa Yao community. Against to taking care of the elders, they set up a canteen and invited the elders in the community to dine together at noon every day. After the meal, they also held a networking activity at the Yuan Chang Second Old People Activity Center, so that some elders living alone could get care of their lives.

Chih En Liu, the team leader emphasized that after the first time of the demonstration of the canteen activitiy, many elders asked "when will there be a dining activity?” when we are doing the propaganda of the second demonstration activity. This shows that people got full of expectations for the canteen. Due to the huge amount of joiners the canteen will be officially opened in October and will continue to be maintained.


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